Modern Streetcar is just one of six significant improvements in transit services which are scheduled for completion within the next five years. Implementing a modern streetcar system will bring a new, stimulating service to the downtown area while facilitating organization of transit-oriented development, improving access and circulation, and enhancing economic development opportunities.

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A SmartMove

The project will offer a high-capacity transit service through the downtown area that connects with the nearby neighborhoods and other destinations of interest. A modern streetcar system provides a clean, sustainable form of transit that supports and enhances economic growth by improving downtown access and enhancing mobility for tourists and residents. Modern Streetcar will integrate with existing transit services, making them more useful and reliable while working as a complete system with the bus services in downtown. Improving mobility means that people will enjoy an enhanced quality of life and greater accessibility to amenities where they live, work, and play.


VIA initiatives take us where we want to go. The Public Involvement process for Modern Streetcar began in late-2012, and the Environmental Assessment process is currently taking place during 2014 in partnership with the Federal Transit Administration, along with Preliminary Engineering. Final Design and Construction will take place in subsequent years, starting with design in late-2014.

Once operational, the Modern Streetcar will enhance mobility in the heart of our community. It will allow center city growth to outpace traffic congestion and stimulate economic growth.

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  • Streetcars have a typical capacity of up to 120 people, a length of between 60 and 80 feet, and a width of about 8 feet
  • The new vehicles will be electric-powered and will operate in mixed traffic (same lanes as private vehicles) with an average speed of 8-15 miles per hour, similar to downtown auto traffic
  • Streetcars navigate through dense urban areas on circulator routes and take people to many points of interest
  • The creation of a streetcar system will support and enhance urban-scale economic development in and near downtown
  • 1.1 million riders used current streetcar services in Fiscal Year 2011 (or nearly 3,000 riders per day), and it is anticipated that a modernized system would result in a large increase in ridership



Modern Streetcar
Introduction of the Modern Streetcar Project
November 28, 2012
Modern Streetcar
Alternative Analysis Route Characteristics
March 28, 2013
Modern Streetcar
Alternative Analysis Route Evaluation
June 13, 2013
Modern Streetcar
Public Forum
June 17, 2013