Providing a multi-modal transfer facility in the near West Side will increase mobility, promote transit-oriented development, improve air quality, stimulate economic development, promote pedestrian and bike-friendly neighborhoods, and enhance access to the City's central business district.

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  • VIA's new Westside Multimodal Transit Center goes vertical! - January 2015 Construction Update

    By VIA on January 9, 2015

    Significant progress is being made on Phase II of this important new transit facility. In the plaza area the structural steel frames on the south canopy are beginning to go up. The irrigation system and underground utilities are being completed. On the surrounding streets we are in the process of installing new light poles, reconstructing some of the streets, and completing water lines and drain work. Through February 2015 we expect to continue street and lane closures. The WSMM Phase II project is on schedule for an expected opening late 2015.

  • Ground broken for transit plaza on near West Side

    By VIA on September 5, 2014

    VIA Metropolitan Transit celebrated progress on its Westside Multimodal Transit Center Friday with a ceremonial groundbreaking on the second phase of the project, which includes a state-of-the-art transit plaza. VIA leaders also announced the relocation of its executive offices to the adjacent historic depot building.

    Phase II of the Transit Center will be completed in Fall 2015 and will function as a transit hub, improving accessibility to the UTSA Downtown Campus and the University Health System’s Robert B. Green Campus.

    "This facility will create new foot traffic and encourage transit-oriented development in the area," VIA Chairman Alex Briseño said, stating that the project represents VIA’s commitment to the community and to improving the daily transit experience for VIA riders. He asked the audience to imagine the plaza as a congregational place for the community at the "gateway to the West Side, el corazon de San Antonio (the heart of San Antonio)."

    County Judge Nelson Wolff thanked Chairman Briseño for his leadership at VIA and recognized the importance of funding public transportation improvements. Projects like the Westside Multimodal Transit Center, will "significantly improve public transit" for San Antonio’s and Bexar County’s fast-growing population, Wolff said.

    "One Texan, one pickup won’t work anymore," County Commissioner Paul Elizondo added. "Hard, tough steps have to be taken," he said and urged city and county leaders to continue investing in public transit options. "If a city doesn’t have quality transportation," Elizondo said, "it’s not a quality city."

    VIA President/CEO Jeff Arndt recognized the transit center’s role in future public transportation developments. "Once we are finished with Phase II in 2015," Arndt said, "we will have even more transportation services running through here with six additional bus routes and connections to taxi service, inter-city bus service, and the anticipated Lone Star Rail service between San Antonio and Austin. This plaza will create a presence in the community, and it will stimulate development and instill a sense of place and pride. This is a significant investment."

    The Westside Multimodal Transit Center is part of VIA’s SmartMove initiative and is included in VIA’s 2035 Comprehensive Transportation Plan.


The Westside Multimodal Transit Center is a phased project that will ultimately offer people a variety of transportation options and the ability to easily travel to various reaches of our community.

Last year, VIA completed Phase I of the Westside Multimodal Transit Center and began offering our new Primo bus service from the downtown location to the Medical Center area. Primo, VIA's bus rapid transit service (BRT), allows for a large number of commuters to travel quickly and efficiently through a route that has limited stops.

The environmental process for Phase II of the project was completed in 2012 after a public involvement process that included several meetings and a hearing. The design phase of the project is slated to be completed in 2013 and goundbreaking for a new transit plaza is expected to begin in 2014.

Once fully operational, the Westside Multimodal Transit Center will create connectivity by being a hub for various VIA transportation services, an anticipated Austin-San Antonio commuter rail, as well as inter-city bus service, and taxi service.

The vision for this location is to create a place that is more than just a place for public transit systems to come and go from. It's hoped that the Westside Multimodal Transit Center will be a place where mass transit systems will converge while having the potential to serve as an impetus for near-west side economic revitalization.

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  • In 2012, the location began serving as a transfer facility for VIA Primo, taking people to and from the Medical Center
  • When complete, it will serve as a transit center that will be used by hybrid and fuel efficient buses traveling throughout VIA's 1,226 square mile service area
  • The facility is poised to be a hub for mass transit growth by serving as a terminus for streetcars in the near future and later for inter-city bus service, commuter rail, and high-speed rail services
  • The multimodal center will provide parking for approximately 120 vehicles
  • Currently, more than 500 express service bus trips come to and from the city's central business district. This facility will be able to handle future route and passenger increases
  • Commuters should save considerably on gas and parking fees
  • The multimodal center will feature a comfortable waiting area with bicycle racks, appropriate lighting, real-time bus arrival information, and ticket vending
  • The facility will make transportation services convenient for people interested in urban living and will help visitors and tourists get to the heart of our city and beyond



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